Dress code

Traditionally, golf is played with appropriate attire that can be sporty, casual, technical and/or modern but must keep a “golf” style. The dress code must be respected throughout the site, both on the practice and on the course, both during friendly games and during competitions, including during prize-giving.

The following are not in accordance with the dress code:

  • No-collar polos (polo golf shirts with a high collar are tolerated)
  • T-shirts with or without sleeves,
  • Hoodies,
  • Holes or faded jeans,
  • Joggers or leggings,
  • Pants or shorts with side pockets on the thighs,
  • Men’s shorts, ladies’ mini shorts,
  • Large advertising logos on polos, sweaters or jackets.


Golfers demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times, showing courtesy and sportsmanship.

They act with integrity, respecting the rules, applying all penalties and being honest in all aspects of the game.

Golfers show consideration for others, playing at a good pace, taking care of safety and not disturbing the game of other players.

They take care of the course by replacing divots, raking bunkers and repairing ball impacts (pitches).

Access to the course 

Anyone wishing to play on the course must have the “green card” and a valid license.
Booking tee-times is mandatory via the website or by telephone and the starting time must be strictly respected. Everyone will arrive at the start 5 to 10 minutes before their tee-time. Non-members will present themselves at the secretariat before going to the start.
In case of an obstacle, it is essential to cancel the departure via the website (at least two hours in advance) or to inform the secretariat as soon as possible in order to free up space for other players. Cancellation via PC-Caddie can only be done by the person who made the initial booking.
Members ensure that their badge is visible on their golf bag.

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