Start Playing Golf

Golf is an extremely complete outdoor sport that combines physical activity, precision, concentration and strategy. Before accessing the golf course, one must have a minimum of knowledge of the rules of golf, etiquette and a certain level of play. Are you considering starting golf or just want to try out this discipline but don’t know how to go about it? Follow the guide!

  1. Make an appointment with one of the pros at the Golf de Luxembourg golf school for a private, couple or group introduction.
  2. If you like golf, opt for a lesson package offered by the golf school. According to your needs, desires and budget, your pro will advise you on the best formula to take you, in the end, to access the course.
  3. When you feel ready, ask your pro to organize your “green card passage”, a sort of aptitude diploma giving access to most golf courses.
  1. If you feel comfortable at the Golf de Luxembourg, inquire at the secretariat about the memberships and become a member! You will then have unlimited access to the course and practice areas, you can take part in activities offered by the sports association and participate in competitions offered by our sponsors!

The best for young golfers: Luxembourg Golf offers weekly golf training for children and teenagers of all levels. The pros, specially trained and perfectly experienced, will be able to convey their passion for golf to the juniors and will take the children, according to their individual wishes, towards leisure or competition practice.

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